We research and build next gen AI tools and services.

Are you contemplating how to implement LLMs, image generators, AI agents, or Q&A chatbots in your organization? We should probably talk.

What we do

AI products & solutions

End-to-end solutions leveraging the latest generative AI & vector search technologies.

Intelligent features

Custom API driven AI chains & logic enhancing your existing services.

Devtools & playgrounds

Build intelligent tooling, APIs and playgrounds around your technology.

Intent-driven user experiences

Revolutionize how users interact with your services through natural language.

Our expertise

Product design

Understanding business & user needs to create intuitive digital products, or product features.

Full-stack development

From prototyping to production, we build full-stack solutions using the best technologies.

Vector databases

Build scalable knowledge bases and search engines for AI solutions using vector databases.

Prompt engineering

Bring out the best results from generative AI models using prompt engineering techniques.

Generative AI landscape

Stay ahead of the curve: We're on top of the latest developments, discerning what works so you don’t have to.

Integrate & deploy

We help you integrate and deploy AI solutions with your existing infrastructure & data.

Get started with Gen AI

Intentface sprint is a fast-paced focused program where we go through your organization needs and opportunities for productive use of generative AI technologies. We can then create a prototype, a proof of concept, or a roadmap to ignite your generative AI journey.

Who we are

We're a team of senior developers and designers. We understand how businesses work. We empower organizations to prototype, implement, and deploy pioneering generative AI solutions and products.