Intentfaces will redefine human-computer interaction

We're building the tools and services to make that happen.


Intentface is more than a name. It's our vision for a future where computers understand our expressed intent.

Instead of navigating through intricate menus and interfaces, an intentface lets users convey their intentions and needs directly to the computer, which then translates into actions.

We aim to make technology more intuitive and user-centric. We're convinced that harnessing relevant data contexts, adaptive learning systems, and advancements in natural language understanding & processing will change how we use technology.

Who we are

We're seasoned full-stack developers and designers. We've worked with a number of industries and technologies over the past 20 years. Now we're helping organisations prototype, implement and deploy generative AI solutions and products.

We can build end-to-end solutions or implement generative AI features and technologies into your existing products and services. Or we can help your explore the possibilities of AI and intentface in your business.

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Tuomas Martin

Sales & Partnerships

Arttu Laitinen

Founder, Business

Valtteri Karesto

Founder, Technology

Joni Juup

Founder, Design

Get started with Gen AI

Intentface sprint is a fast-paced focused program where we go through your organization needs and opportunities for productive use of generative AI technologies. We can then create a prototype, a proof of concept, or a roadmap to ignite your generative AI journey.